Financial wellnes has 4 stages. Wisconsin-Florida focuses on #4. This category can be very broad and many times involves travel. We have developed a niche relating to these dreams and aspirations.


1. Getting by and paying bills

2. Preparation for emergencies or the unexpected

3. Achieving semi-retirement, retirement, education or entrepreneurial goals



Many of our long time Wisconsin clients have, over time, either fully moved to Florida or have put themselves in a position where they can rent or own a property in Florida while also maintaining a Wisconsin residence. Our firm has found it beneficial to have a presence in both the states of Wisconsin and Florida and over time this "snowbird" concept has become a niche. For example, we help current Wisconsin retirees in reaching their short term goals of wintering in Florida while also helping Foridians escape the heat and spend a part of their summers in Wisconsin. As part of the financial planning process for young families we now consider this excitinig proposition as we organize or financial plans for well into the future.

So we are glad to offer a presence in both Wisconsin and Florida for those that have realized their dreams of living in both parts of our country. We also are buildin on our presence in both areas to help the younger generation invest with dreams in mind.