Rob Wachholz

Rob Wachholz

Principal / Branch Manager


With both individuals and businesses I operate with two distinct models.

Model 1: focus on low expenses and basic needs/administration with a no-nonsense approach.

Model 2: focus on individual and comprehensive services while integrating your (or your employees) entire financial picture into an individual family (optional) website. The focus here is goal establishment and planning.

Both models can utilize the same well respected mutual funds or ETFs considering my independence .  Model 2 may include the unique closed end fund model for individuals. In any case this affords you the option to only pay for services you are receiving.

more about my philosophy...

* Investing is about "bottom up" research and investment in companies (or funds that invest in companies) rather than attempts to time a stock or bond market that has no short term basis long term basis.

* Have a long term mentality and have patience...tune out the short term noise

* Invest globally

* Keep investment expenses low and utilize no-load funds (Vanguard etc)

* Utilize Open ended mutual funds (index when active management doesn't create value)

* Utilize Closed ended mutual funds (buying and holding when trading at discounts to NAV)

* Utilize ETFs (costs as low as .04%)

* I help you examine and define your goals, determine what you can afford as you accumulate assets, and choose the appropriate time to retire.  And when the unexpected occurs - either in the markets or your own lives - I am here to understand the options and cope with the fallout. 


Rob also operates as a principal (OSJ) and works closely with the Packerland representatives in our group. Rob has series 7,63,24,65 licensing and is licensed in the states of California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada,  and Wisconsin.

Securities and advisory services offered through Packerland Brokerage Services, Inc., an unaffiliated entity - Member FINRA and SIPC 

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