Rob Wachholz

Principal / Branch Manager

my philosophy...

Culture and attitude are of top importance. Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people.

* Knowledge is essential

* Investing is about "bottom up" research and investment in companies (or funds that invest in companies) rather than attempts to time a stock or bond market 

* Have a long term mentality and have discipline...tune out the short term noise

* Invest globally

* Focus on results and not just performance

* Keep investment expenses low and utilize no-load funds (Vanguard and other clean shares)

* Utilize Open ended mutual funds (index when active management doesn't create value)

* Utilize Closed ended mutual funds (buying and holding when trading at discounts to NAV)

* Utilize ETFs (costs as low as .04%)

* Create value for the individual in three ways through strick cost sensitive investing, customized portfolios with active management or Financial Life Management

* Embrace technology as it helps to provide integration and real-time financial planning

* Partner with businesses and add value with advisor/consultant services to manage fiduciary responsibilites, provide investment selection and monitoring services, benchmark costs, create a financial wellness program for emploees.

* Understand cutting edge 401k plan sytems and arangements

* Never stop learing


Rob also operates as a principal (OSJ) and works closely with the Packerland representatives in our group. He has been recognized for his work with both indivuals and businesses. 

Securities and advisory services offered through Packerland Brokerage Services, Inc., an unaffiliated entity - Member FINRA and SIPC 

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